Stono Outdoor Living – Charting a Course to a Stellar Start

Coming out of the gates with a bang:

When Stono Outdoor Living first approached SparkLaunch.Media, they faced a significant crossroads: acquire a competitor or launch their own website to sell high-end grills and outdoor kitchen appliances. We engaged our Satellite Surveillance service to chart a strategic path for their new venture. The result was a universe of opportunity realized within the first 50 days.

The Challenge:

Stono Outdoor Living needed comprehensive market insights to make an informed decision about their business direction. They also needed a trustworthy partner to create their brand and a top-notch eCommerce website if they chose to go solo. Ultimately, they wanted a successful launch into the industry that would generate substantial revenue right off the bat.icks needed a thrust.

The SparkLaunch Solution:

Our Satellite Surveillance service scanned the industry landscape meticulously, enabling Stono Outdoor Living to make an informed decision. After thorough analysis, it was clear: they had the potential to shine brighter on their own.

From there, our team engaged in a full-thrust brand design mission, culminating in a stellar new brand identity. We built a state-of-the-art Shopify website, optimized for customer experience and conversions.

Simultaneously, we identified key target audiences, drawing on a rich tapestry of demographic and psychographic data. We set the coordinates for Shopping ads on Google, Facebook, and Pinterest, preparing to propel their offerings into the digital cosmos.

The Results

Brand Creation

Brand New
Shopify Site


in revenue in the first 50 days post-launch

  1. Brand Creation: We helped them design a brand that not only stands out but resonates deeply with their target audience.

  2. Website Development: The new Shopify website we designed became the launchpad for their high-end products, offering a seamless and enjoyable customer journey.

  3. Sales: A strategic multi-platform ad campaign was the final booster, propelling Stono Outdoor Living to achieve an astronomical $50,000 in revenue in the first 50 days of operation.

The Journey Ahead

Stono Outdoor Living’s voyage with SparkLaunch.Media is just commencing. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving digital cosmos together, we anticipate many more galaxies of growth on the horizon.

The journey ahead for Stono Outdoor Living is full of opportunities for growth and expansion. We will work closely with them to identify new market segments and leverage emerging trends. Together, we will optimize their customer journey and drive their business to new heights. Our commitment to innovation and refining their brand messaging will ensure continued success. With our expertise and collaborative approach, Stono Outdoor Living will solidify their position as industry leaders. The future is bright as we make their vision a reality.

Mastering Google Ads

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