De Novo Agency

pioneering music marketing agency

De Novo Agency, a pioneering music marketing agency, marks the inception point of what would become SparkLaunch Media. In the quest for enhanced SEO and content strategies, Elliot Tousley, co-founder of SparkLaunch, initially crossed paths with Ryan Whitfield, leading to a partnership that would redefine De Novo’s online presence and set the stage for SparkLaunch Media’s creation.

Data-Driven Results

Elliot Tousley and Ryan Whitfield’s synergy and mutual drive for growth catalyzed De Novo Agency’s marketing transformation. Their collaborative efforts not only improved SEO but also encompassed:

  • A comprehensive Google Ads strategy.
  • Engaging social media campaigns across various platforms.
  • Effective email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and engage existing clients.
  • A full website refresh at the beginning of 2024 to reflect the agency’s evolving brand and offerings.

This enduring partnership has yielded substantial growth for De Novo Agency, evidenced by:

The Journey Ahead

The collaboration between SparkLaunch Media and De Novo Agency exemplifies adaptability and scalability in client relationships. It showcases how custom solutions, developed in tandem with client growth, can lead to lasting success. From its roots in SEO to a comprehensive marketing strategy, the journey of SparkLaunch Media and De Novo Agency highlights the power of partnership and innovation in the digital marketing landscape.