Lift-STL Case Study

Breathe new life into digital marketing

Lift-STL, a gym based in Saint Louis, Missouri, faced a period of stagnation with membership numbers plateauing for almost nine months. In May 2023, they engaged SparkLaunch Media to breathe new life into their digital marketing efforts, starting with a website refresh and expanding into ongoing website management, Google Ads, and Meta ads.

Data-Driven Results

  • Customer Cost of Acquisition:
The comprehensive strategy was executed with a focus on measurable results and continuous optimization.
  • Conversion Rate:
By leveraging data-driven insights, SparkLaunch Media was able to refine ad targeting, messaging, and creative content to maximize engagement and conversion rates.
Most notably, within three months of partnering with SparkLaunch Media, Lift-STL experienced a 20% increase in membership and filled all available personal training schedules, a testament to the efficacy of the implemented digital marketing strategies.

The Journey Ahead

The success story of Lift-STL and SparkLaunch Media underscores the transformative power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy. This partnership not only revitalized Lift-STL’s online presence but also drove significant business growth, highlighting SparkLaunch Media’s role as a catalyst for client success.